Yochum Wedding on the Beach

October 13, 2013

Aloha Guest,

Thank you so much for visiting our Kihei Kai Web-Site.

My names is Paula Herr and I am the Rental Manager of Kihei Kai. My husband, Ron Herr, is the Resort Manager. We feel so very blessed to be able to live on site at Kihei Kai. We know that vacations are very special times in our lives of peace, relaxation, fun, building memories, sight seeing, friendships and so much more. We do not take lightly that you have traveled so far to stay with us in beautiful Maui at Kihei Kai right on Sugar Beach. We are here to serve you and to assist you with questions you might have. Our office is on-site and we live on site.

The picture above was our first Wedding we were able to host at Kihei Kai. Colin Yoachim grew up coming here for vacations but on this special day he was able to marry the love of his life Shayla right at Oceanside at Kihei Kai. The family and friends all gathered on the Oceanside and had an amazing catered dinner they shared with the guests. The whole week was full of fun and festivities.

Activities on Maui Hawaii, stay at the Kihei Kai Condos for beachfront living

October 16, 2013

We are situated between both Kihei Canoe Clubs. They offer Visitor Paddling Programs amongst other great programs. We are honored to have the Calgary Canoe Club stay at Kihei Kai during their trips here.  Saturday was the Molokai Hoe race. Molokai to Honolulu. The Calgary Club’s Sr. men took 3rd place. What an honor for them. Next year Lynda, the Calgary Canoe Club Manager is having two training sessions in the latter part of March and April. Yesterday they invited me to go on their outrigger for a morning ride. It was my first time. You see, those that know me, know I am content to work and not play. I was a little hesitant but they brought the canoe on land for me and showed me how to get in. In case you don’t know, it is bottoms first. Then they pushed the canoe in the water and my husband and the rest of the group got in. What an experience I had. The ocean was like glass. We saw two beautiful turtles and one was huge. They showed me how to paddle. They were so patient and kind. It was a wonderful experience and I’m ready to go again. The picture here is not of my ride but I will have that up someday soon. It is a picture of the canoes in front of Kihei Kai.

I think I will sign off now and continue this on another day. Thank you for taking time to read my first blog ever. Aloha, Paula

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