My Maui Story

flying to Maui, HawaiiWhen I was just out of high school, I moved to Maui , Hawaii, from Northern California. I had 600.00 in my pocket and no where to stay and I knew no one. A friend of mine had moved to Maui and when she returned home she encouraged me to give it a try and assured me I would meet plenty of people and find a roommate with ease. She was correct. I met my roommate on the plane ride over and she knew some people and so began my year in Maui. I got a job and it was all fairly easy. My new roommate and I got a nice place in Honokowai. I loved picking up a fresh coconut off the ground outside my condo and cracking and eating it. (beware of over indulging in fresh coconut, very hard on the digestive system. I learned that the hard way.)

Plumerias in bloom at Kihei Kai, Maui Vacation CondoI would take early morning walks and pick up flowers from the ground or off wild bushes and string my own leis. The air smells so good, the weather is great. I like the sun and the rain. What I soon found with  most people I met who actually lived here, we did not really go into the ocean much or sun bath, even though we lived right across from a park on the beach.

As usual when you actually live somewhere, you do not seem to really take advantage of what is around you. I ended up getting some side work as an extra on some TV shows and a movie of the week the shot¬†mostly in Lahaina and the airport.¬† (Dare I say it, Buddy Epsen and Barnaby Jones! I have just dated myself there.). Barnaby Jones Cast Buddy Epsen-hawaii I also found this link to the movie he shot, which I did not know, was called “Lahaina”. Then I found this, BARNABY JONES (1973-80) QUINN-MARTIN/CBS¬† Buddy Ebsen starred in Hawaii episode filmed in Sept. 1979. Two parter entitled: “Nightmare in Hawaii” season 8, shows 2 & 3. I would love to see myself. I never did see those episodes. I spent all day walking back and forth in front of the Pioneer Inn. We got to eat lunch with the crew each day.¬† So I had a fun time while I was here. I still have my pay stub from Quinn Martin Productions! After about a year I got “island” fever and returned back to the SF Bay Area. I left knowing one thing about Maui, after that, I would be back often for visits and I have.

Palauea Beach at Kihei Kai Maui, HawaiiI like the people I have met over the years that make this island their home. They are friendly and laid back and kindhearted. I will be coming back once again and staying¬† at the Kihei Kai on Sugar Beach, and I can hardly wait. The manager has been wonderful. She has been so friendly and helpful. I look forward to meeting her.I like Kihei Kai’s easy to use reservation system and confirmation and follow up system. I really enjoy staying in Kihei. When I lived her before I used to drive my used rusted car (aren’t they all when you live here?) over to do my shopping¬† because I enjoyed the small town out of the way feeling.¬† Last time I was here in 2009 I had come over with a¬† job as the volunteer coordinator for the Maui Photo Festival at the Hyatt. My daughter and I stayed one week at the Hyatt and the 2nd week in Kihei. We got to enjoy the fancy hotel and then our down home cozy condo in Kihei. We had a wonderful time. There is truly no place like Maui in the world.

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