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House Rules

Below are Kihei Kai’s Oceanfront Condos House Rules, please contact our property management office if you have any questions. Mahalo!

Basic Needs

A complimentary supply of toilet tissue, paper towels, bath soaps and dish soap have been placed in your unit. When this supply is depleted, you are responsible for providing for your further needs. Laundry detergent needs to be provided by the guest.

Linens & Laundry

A set of towels has been provided for each guest, as well as a set of sheets for each bed. Our on-site washers and dryers can be used to wash your linens while you are here. You can pay with your credit card or the payment app. Laundry hours are 8am-8pm.

Car Registration

Kihei Kai offers free unassigned parking on-site. Once you arrive, send your license plate number with your unit number and check out date to the number specified in the Welcome binder in your unit.

No Smoking or Vaping

No smoking or vaping is allowed anywhere on our property. This includes the parking lot. When there is evidence of smoking in the unit or on the lanai, you will be charged $300 for a deep cleaning of the unit.

This policy is strictly enforced.

Quiet Hours 10pm-10am

Thank you for being mindful of the uniqueness of our small community and being respectful when in the units or walking to the beach and parking lot.


Kihei Kai has working cats on the property. We do our best to take care of the cats, and human food is not good for them.

Please do not feed the cats.

We use a vet-recommended diet for the cats to keep them happy and healthy!

Most cats are friendly, if you feel comfortable with petting them feel free to do so if you see them around.

Please enjoy the cats outside and do not invite them inside.

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