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Makawao Forest Reserve

At over 2,000 acres total, the Makawao Forest Reserve lets you explore to your heart’s content and take in all the natural beauty of the island. Although there are seven distinct trails to follow, the six-mile Kahakapao Loop gets the most action. On that route, you’ll get to see lush ferns, rainbow eucalyptus trees, and everything in between.

Twin Falls Maui

Twin Falls Maui are dedicated to providing well managed access to the Twin Falls area, part of Ho’olawa Valley, for the use and enjoyment of residents and visitors alike. Twin Falls has limited parking. We only have 55 paid parking spots available. No reservations. Parking is on a first come first serve basis. Paid parking at Twin Falls @ $10 per car.

La Perouse Bay Trail

La Perouse Bay Trail or Hoapili Train follows along Maui`s southern coastline through barren, jagged lava flows for 5.5 miles. Climate is exceedingly dry and the trail nearly devoid of vegetation. TThe trail ends after crossing the point to a last small portion of the older lava flow along the coast. Pole fishing along the coast is excellent. Hiking boots are a must.

Haleakalā Crater Hike

Haleakalā Crater Hike is generally considered to be quite challenging, given its significant elevation changes and unfriendly environment. Hike across the crater to Halemau'u Trail. The trailhead is in the Haleakalā Visitor Center parking lot near the road. A popular 11-mile (17.8 km) full-day hike begins at Keonehe'ehe'e Trailhead, crosses the valley floor, and ends at Halemau'u (7,990 ft/2,436 m elevation).

Pīpīwai Trail

Take a hike up a trail that winds through a freshwater stream and diverse forest areas with views of waterfalls and other natural features. This trail is moderately strenuous. Makahiku Overlook will give you your first glimpse of a waterfall, Makahiku Falls, at 0.5 miles in. The bamboo forest can be found about one mile in. Visitors can expect to see boardwalks and footbridges. Waimoku Falls viewing area brings visitors to the end of Pīpīwai Trail after two miles (one way). This hike to this area gains 800 feet in elevation.
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