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Coffee Shops

Akamai Coffee Co

Akamai Coffee Co. is excited to offer 100% Maui coffees. Hawaii is uniquely the only place in the US where coffee is grown for general consumption, and Maui has begun to establish itself as a true treasure in the coffee world. Our roasters have spent countless hours fine-tuning our Maui coffees to get the highest quality flavor notes and profiles in each and every batch.

Da Green Coffee Bar

Da Green Coffee Bar is a casual, eclectic, and locally owned specialty coffee shop in a lush green setting offering suspended coffees, toast, lattes, and treats. Located at the South Maui Gardens nursery, Da Green offers outdoor seating surrounded by tropical plants and features regularly occurring live music by local Maui musicians.

Java Cafe

Java Cafe offers you premium blend coffee on Maui. We are proud to serve you with the best coffee everyday. We offer you the best option for your morning. The best coffee store in Maui, Hawaii. Cold pressed juices, super Smoothies, Homemade pastries and more! Open daily 6am-2pm.

Home Maid Cafe

Come to Home Maid Cafe to enjoy good breakfast sandwiches, hash browns and corned beef. This place guarantees you tasty malasadas, doughnuts, French toast, and great coffee. Famous for its great service and friendly staff, that is always ready to help you. Local mom and pop restaurant. Ono local plate lunches. Open Monday - Saturday from 6:30am-2pm.
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