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Da Kitchen

Da Kitchen is the place where local comfort food and good vibes meet. Our local ethnic cuisine is truly a mix of many cultures. Try it yourself - call in an order or dine in with us today! One of Hawaii’s most recognized restaurants, Da Kitchen aims to satisfy the hunger pangs of the ever working Maui community with tasty staples of the Pacific, served plate lunch style.

Tin Roof

A new generation mom & pop shop, owned by Internationally recognized Chef Sheldon Simeon & his business partner & wife, Janice.Tin Roof Maui is a casual lunch shop in Kahalui, Maui. Open Tuesday- Saturday from 10am-8pm. Dishes include mochiko chicken, poke bowl, pork belly bowl, garlic noodles and other Hawaiian comfort food.


Tiffany’s restaurant, a Maui mainstay, has been in business for close to two decades and has gained a very loyal following. The revamped menu features true “Hawai’i Classics,” which include a strong focus on Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Portuguese flavors - the true food of Hawai’i, and the diverse cuisine that Chef Sheldon has become an ambassador for in recent years.

Sam Sato’s

Sam Sato’s is a well-known locals’ destination, having served amazing Maui Dry Mein for 60 years, and serving Maui’s locals since 1933. Classic counter-service lunch serving saimin, chow fun, dry noodles, manju & plate lunches. It fills quickly but the wait is worth it! Try amazing dry mein and teriyaki, then finish the whole experience off with amazing Manju and pastries.
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